Monday, March 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton Frats Hard

Was United States Democratic Party presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton ever in a sorority? It wasn't mentioned as far as I could tell from a quick Ctrl+f of her Wikipedia entry, but she's looking strikingly sorostitute at a campaign event on Sunday, March 2. I'm loving the sunkissed highlights, bright colors, and chunky necklace, though pearls are always the best choice, Hil. She would be fratting almighty if her outfit were rounded out with some reds from Murray's. Her and Bill have real estate in Nantucket, right? Regardless, her most fratccessory by far is definitely that iconic red solo cup. She's totally drinking Fratty Light and telling all those reporters that keg stands are nothing to be frowned upon. Our nation's youth needs more freedom. Lower drinking age, legal marijuana... There are worse things, people! Frat on, Hil.

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Mich said...

Ah, one more reason for me to dislike Hillary. I wonder what her name would be on