Friday, December 21, 2007

Burberry & Denmark

I don't know what it is, but Danish people absolutely LOVE the traditional Burberry Nova Check (herein referred to as BNC) pattern to an extent that is probably unmatched anywhere else in the world. Seriously, I imagine Danes love to wear it even more than people in the UK do, which is amazing for a London-based company.* If I earned one kroner for every BNC patterned item I saw each day (scarves are most popular, but I see a fair amount of skirts, gloves, small accessories - wallets handbags, and a woman I work with owns a poncho(!)), I would be able to afford some of it myself - though I'd personally want to spend any significant amount of disposable income on a Mulberry bag. But, yes, admittedly I am guilty of purchasing Burberry London duty free when I flew to Amsterdam a few months ago. I was sick of my Burberry Brit and I like the more honeysuckle-esque overtones of London. Also, a boy recently told me that he really like the way it smelled on me, and that he would forever associate Burberry London with me... have I found a signature scent?! :) I am apparently a fan of Burberry perfumes. Must be my Danish blood.

In other news, check out this recap in Copenhagen revisited of a traditional Danish julefrokost that I attended. I couldn't have written about it better.

* I am making a comparison to Italian-headquartered companies, which are popular worldwide, but seem to be particularly prevalent in Italy - Though this is perhaps skewed on account of the (frankly, rather scant when one considers how much these luxury items cost in the first place) Italian-made discount one receives if these products are purchased in Italy...

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