Thursday, May 24, 2007

I fly high, no lie. Bloggin'!!

So, on my ipod I have this "epic" playlist of 500+ songs (504 at the moment) called "Hot Jams." Songs make the Hot Jams playlist for various reasons... Not necessarily because they are "hot," though Mims is on there for his apparent hotness, as are some of my favorite selections from the Red HOT Chili Peppers, HOT HOT Heat, and Nelly's 'HOT in Herre'. Anyways, because Hot Jams is such a large playlist made up of only the hottest jams, I've found I can listen to it pretty much exclusively for various activities - running, driving, getting readying, etcing. Yesterday I was driving back to school with my best friend and Jim Jones' 'Ballin'' came up on random play. Maybe I've been immune because I'm so ballin' and fly, but it wasn't until my friend pointed out the apparent strangeness of the song that I really listened to the lyrics for what they are... disjointed and weird. Below is an amateur analysis, inspired by an article I recently read about the King of Hotness, Mims.

Jim Jones - Ballin'
wear a mean dark pair of shades
Aint you cant see my eyes unless my head is bent , you dig
"Ain't you can't see my eyes unless my head is bent..." I dig, Jim. You've got dark shades. They're mean. What you lack is the ability to speak English coherently.

We fly high, No Lie ,You notice(BALLIN!) Well, yes, Jim. If a bunch of presumably big black guys were flying high in the sky, I think I would notice.
Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz (We in the building) I like cars/rides, especially foreign ones. I'm a particularly huge fan of German cars. I had no idea, though, that foreign cars were indicative of showbiz. Also, Jim, who cares if there are presumably lux, showbiz-like foreign rides outside if you are in the building and not outside enjoying them? That's like me saying that someone has a Bentley parked outside of my apartment. It's like showbiz outside, but I'm in the building.
(Girl) Boy.
We stay fly, No Lie ,You notice (BALLIN!)
Hips and Thighs, Oh my, Stay focus FocusED, Jim. I presume the hips and thighs you speak of are so magnificent and therefore suctioning away so much of your brain power that you are unaware that you are changing tenses in the middle of your lyrical licks. I'll let it go.

More on the chorus: I'd say it's highly likely that the guys singing the chorus are tone deaf. The girls are okay, I guess, but the guys... well, listen to them. Secondly, I wonder if they planned out this song before they recorded it or if it was supposed to be something totally different... My friend and I picture it like this: Jim Jones is in a ghetto, inner city record studio getting ready to record a song/bust a rhyme/whatever. Oops! They forget to lock the door. For the duration of the session Jim's friends pop in and out of the studio yelling whatever they like at random intervals. Jim and his tone deaf chorus members try to ignore them and keep the rap going. Reviewing the tape of the session later, Jim decides that it's brilliant, puts it on an album under the name of the word that's yelled the most (Ballin') and becomes famous from the fluke. Life is unfair.

Ya boy gettin paper (Money), I buy big cars (Foreign) Thank you for clarifying that the paper my boy is getting is money. I thought he might be READIN' the news for a second there. Also, I know from the chorus that you only like foreign cars (they are like showbiz, even if they are parked outside while you're in the building), but thanks for the reminder.
I need fly rides to drive in my garage (Choose 1) I'll make the choice easy. Pick a foreign one.
Stay sky high (Twisted), Fly wit the stars (Twinkle ,Twinkle) Stay sky high, twisted? How is that twisted, aside from the fact that by flying you would be defying a well-established Newtonian law of gravity? I like that you can appreciate the twinkle, twinkle as you fly wit the stars. Seriously, this is one of my favorite additions. Twinkle, twinkle.
T 4 ? Flights , 80 grand large (BALLIN!) Huh?
So we lean with it, pop with it (Bankhead) I wonder who Bankhead is...
'Vertible jones, mean with the top listen (Flossin) People will disagree, but I'd like to think that "Flossin'," as used by Jim Jones and "Flossy," as used by FergieFerg are both pleas to today's youth to practice good dental hygiene. I bet Bankhead was supposed to say "Brushin'" but said his name instead. Flossy Flossin'.
I'm sayin clean with the bottom ?(Do It) Another reference to dental hygiene. Do it.
I Hop'd out saggy jeans and my rock glistenin(BALLIN!) I bet those glistenin' rocks are your pearly whites from brushin' and flossin.'
But I spent bout 8 grand (Braces!)
Mami on stage doin the rain dance (I think she like me) I think you're witnessing cult rituals. Rain dances? Really, Jim?
She let it hit the floor, made it pop (What Else !?) I can't wait to find out what else.
Got my pedal to the floor screamin fuck the cops(Do It!) You're in your car now? I guess I missed when you left the building, hopped in your foreign showbiz ride and found yourself in a chase with the cops. Also, I'm amazed you said "cops." I thought the trendy rapper term was "po-po" or "rollers," or something like that.

We fly high, No Lie ,You notice (BALLIN!)
Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz
We stay fly, No Lie ,You notice (BALLIN!)
Hips and Thighs, Oh my, Stay focus

Slow Down, Tonight may be gone tommorow (One Chance!) Tonight will definitely be gone tomorrow. That's how time works.
So I speed thru life like theres no tommorow (Speedin!) Okay... another reference to the time continuum... which is the same speed for you as it is for all of us, Jim. 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day...
100 g's worth of ice on the Auto? (Flossy) Having $100k of diamonds on the car is what makes it showbiz-y. I bet it has a diamond encrusted sink so you can practice good hygiene.
And we in the street life until they call the law(BALLIN!)
I made the whip get naked (What Happen !?) Now, usually a whip is a car, but I'm assuming you mean your girl. Why do your friends what to know what happened? Didn't you just tell them you made her get naked? Idiots.
While I switch gears, Bitch lookin at the bracelet (Got Em) Got 'em? You caught me looking at my bracelet? I wasn't aware that when I was in a car with a guy I was supposed to be intent on watching him switch gears. My bracelet is usually more interesting.
Step out, show me what your all about
Flashbacks of last night of me ballin out (Harlem!)
1 a.m. we was at the club (What Happen !?) Nothing "happen" yet. He's setting up the story! That's like if I said "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess..." and you jumped on me and asked "What happen?!" Well, I haven't told you yet, but I will if you shut up and exercise some patience.
2 a.m. Ten bottles of bub (Money ain't a thing) Neither is a legal B.A.C.
And about 3 somethin I was thinkin about grub (Hungry!)
So I stumbled to the car, threw the drinks and the drugs (Twisted) What's twisted is that you substitute drinks and drugs for grub. You'd think you could have swung my McDonald's or something. (Big Macs!)

We fly high, No Lie ,You notice (BALLIN!)
Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz
We stay fly, No Lie ,You notice
Hips and Thighs, Oh my, Stay focus

Nigga could you buy that Buy what?
I keep 20 in the pocket (Light Change) 20 cents is nothing. $20 isn't a lot of money for a lot of people. I bet it couldn't buy one of those bottles of bub you were talking about. (Andre!)
Talk a buck 80 If the bentley is the topic (That grey poupon) I love Grey Poupon, too. I wonder how much the mustard company had to pay to get a shoutout. I bet a mustard rep was walking by the studio and saw people poking their heads in and out shouting inane things. Curious, he poked his own head in, gave a quick shoutout to his product, and was on his way. Either that or some guy thought he had walked into a deli.
But of course gotta fly ...? (Where?) Up in the sky, twinkle twinkle.
To the hood to roll dice on the side of the curb To the hood, to gamble on the street. Presumably because that $20 in light change wouldn't get you very far in Vegas or Atlantic City and/or you'd rather bet less and spend the rest on Andre.
But I know a G Bent' may sound absurd (Get Your Money Up) A G Bent? A $1000 Bentley? That IS Absurd.
Drive 80 up Lennox cause I got an urge (Speedin) I don't know what the speed limit on Lennox is, but I drive 80 on a lot of roads cause I get the urge.
The rap game like the crack game
Lifestyles, rich and famous livin in the fast lane (BALLIN!)
So when I bleep shorty bleep back I think it's nice that you edit your comments to the ladies by saying bleep instead of an expletive.
Lou Vuitton Belt where im keepin all the heat strapped Keepin' it monogrammed, hot, and below the belt.
I beat the trial over rucker (Lets Do It)
All guns loaded in the back motherfucker (Dipset) Yeahh..... this is getting more and more ridiculous.

We fly high, No Lie ,You notice (BALLIN!)
Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz (We in the building) 2x
We stay fly,(stay fly) No Lie , (no lie) You notice (BALLIN!)
Hips and Thighs, Oh my, Stay focus

You niggas need to stay focus Yes, stop getting distracted by the people who keep poking their heads into the studio to yell things while we try to record.
When your dealin with a motherfuckin G
You know my name, Jones, One Eye, Capo Status
Only above motherfucka
This Dipset ByrdGang We Born To Worst gang name everrr.
Ya'll know the rules fall back or fall back Fall back orrrr fall back. Which should I choose?
Someone tell my bitch summer I'm lookin for her Are you looking for a girl named Summer or the warm season? I'll tell winter to get away. Summer, where iz u, Bitch?
Ya dig, Another day another dollar If my calculations are correct, spending a dollar a day you can make that small change in you pocket last for nearly 3 weeks, provided you don't waste it on Andre.
Fast life fucker heh.

We stay fly, No Lie, You notice (BALLIN!)
Hips and Thighs, Oh my, Stay focus fades


Anonymous said...

SoSarahSays says, "What you lack is the ability to speak English coherently."

Um, take yr own advice, plzkthx.

This version even has pictures!!!

Sarah said...

Wow. Apparently you missed the entire point of this post.

Anonymous said...

_I_ liked it. In fact, quite hilarious. I laughed hard at the "Twinkle, twinkle" comment. :)

Thanks for your humor.


marc said...

hahaha. well done.

one thing, i went to that amazon link and there were NO HOT JAMS for sale or download.

tsk tsk - false advertising on anonymouseses' end.

Anonymous said...

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