Friday, April 3, 2009


Okay, maybe I'm going to Hell for this, but you'd think that, given the fact that he/she/it died when he/she/it was NINE YEARS OLD, Mitchell's family would have had a better photograph to use in memorial in the Friday, April 3 Washington Post obituary pages.

I'm just sayin'.


jeff said...

poor mitchell.

before he gained his us citizenship, he was called mitchellovich and he was the child of a family living in the lovely park district of chernobyl. alas, property values had recently plummeted and they were forced to give up mitchell to an orphanage.

mitchell was brought to the us and adopted by a couple of doctors. over the years, mitchell had the opportunity to "give so much" as they carefully harvested his major organs and sold them on the black market. first to go was his larynx, which prevented him from "asking".

he will be missed, since the property taxes on the vacation home in kennebunkport are due next month.

jeff said...


me again.

poor andre f. mitchellovich has been haunting me.

one question remains and i just can't let it go. why would the washington post be running obituary notices from 1995?