Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Game, Good Game

Though you wouldn't know it if you based you opinion soley on the debaucherous behavior of AdMo "hoodlums" on any given Saturday night, we are quite proper here in Washington, D.C. Maybe it's because we are South of the Mason Dixon Line. Anyway, so when ine is riding the Metro during rush hour, it's all very civilized. We don't push or chew gum like cows and we know exactly how many minutes we have to wait for our next train so we don't get unneccesarily restless or annoyed (*ahem* NYC, Italy, other train systems...) When a train arrives, people form a tunnel to let others off before they board. It's all very civilized.

I think we could jazz it up in the afternoons, though. I get this unquenchable urge to stick my hand out, giving disembarking passengers a high five and a "good game" at the end of the work day. Like you used to do when you were a kid on a soccer team. Even the sucky kids got a high five and a "good game," just for playing. It should be the same with work. Like, thanks for coming out and playing today. It would be so fun. We would really be DC, UNITED. Sah-weet. Except, as I was typing this, I sneezed (in my hand) and people gave me dirty looks. Maybe we would have to postpone our rousing daily games of LIFE (board game: also fun) at time when the CDC is issuing infectious disease warnings, like swine.

Okay, enough Jack Handy for the day. My stop is coming. So, Sarah Says GOOD GAME!!!
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jeff said...

good game, good game

Rusty Southwick said...

I like the sentiment of high-fiving people as they are getting off work. I wonder if that's where "good job" came from... The high-fiving paints a funny image in my mind, so I'm sure it's interesting to behold.

I'd imagine that women could get away more with initiating something like that. An uninhibited woman can be a refreshing jolt of life, while an uninhibited man can be an annoyance and a little scary. So maybe if you already know who the uninhibited man is, it wouldn't be so bad. But to strangers, the uninhibited woman would be more welcoming.

As I think of myself as a player in the game of employment, I'm sitting on the bench the whole game, and the coach is afraid to look my way because then he'll feel obligated to put me in. I get to work at 8:00 and do the pre-game warmups with the rest of the team, and then again at halftime when we take an hour off. When the buzzer sounds at 5:00, I haven't even broken a sweat. At least they pay me, so I guess I shouldn't complain. (a job in the hand is better than hoping for three others) But... put me in, coach! I want to get my pulse above 90 so then I can be jazzed up when it's time to say "good game" to everyone afterward.

naptowngirl said...

good game sarah!