Friday, November 20, 2009

When it rains...

I saw these rainboots abandoned in a flower (tree?) bed at 9th and F NW tonight. They were large, so I assume they were men's boots, unless some female criminal stole them from the scene of a crime... Why not a girl borrowing them from her boyfriend? Because if someone borrowed them from someone they cared about, they wouldn't have just ditched them, they would have returned them -- rainboots aren't exactly the same as the throw-away shirt from your last half marathon. So why criminal? Because they were just abandoned when it was raining and they could have been useful? What bothers me about this theory though is that they were positioned the way the were. They were taken off deliberately. They weren't "run" out of in a chase (they would have been one in front of the other). Maybe the person wearing them. Took them off to go into Gordon Bierch (sp?), the restaurant directly in front of the tree bed? But why would you leave rainboots outside when it's still raining? It clearly wasn't to dry them out -- unless the decision was made when it was not raining. And then maybe the owner was in the restaurant and didn't realize the conditions had changed? (Drunk? Impaired by the darkness augmented by artificial light?) But that begs the question of safety... Washington, DC isn't rural Idaho. Stuff gets stolen. Why risk the "safety" (ownership) of your wellies to dry them outside? What would be wrong with the air inside the restaurant? Sure they wouldn't be scented like, um, DC (?!?!?). But... These boots are mystifying. This could be because I admittedly had one (or two) too many chard-cranberries (I know, I'm so gauche it hurts sometimes), but it could be because I naturally like to analyze the life out of everything and I occasionally thought-vomit all over my blog. Wait, who am I kidding? This blog is called 'So, Sarah Says...' It's 100% thought-vomit and random musings. That's the point. I write all this for myself. Anyone who reads this should be interested in hearing about what goes on in this gobbeldy-gook mind of mine. No apologies.

Back to those wellingtons... Maybe the person kicked them off to do run around footloose and fancy-free in the rain. I mean, when YOU think about running around footloose and fancy, don't you first factor in kicking off your shoes? Oh. Well, I do. Someone is dancing around Penn Quarter, boot-less! Why am I on my way home and not searching for them?! I bet my overanalytical self could learn a lot from them.

Oh, here's my Metro stop.

End drunk, bored, Metro blackberry post. (Other people read on the Metro, don't they? I type away like a 14 year old. Sad. At least I'm not texting or, worse, sexting. God.) END.

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LiLu said...

That's so bizarre! And white, no less? Who buys white boots... to wear in the mud??