Monday, October 26, 2009

WMATA's New Workout Plan

On Sunday night, I was riding the red line home when I caught this guy shamelessly throwing it down and pulling it up. He got on at Tenleytown wearing a too-tight City Fitness shirt (if you don't have ripped muscles, guys, you should know that tight shirts "show off" fat and jiggly-bits, too.) and headphones. He found an open area and, as soon as the train started moving, begun doing pull ups on one of the overhead hold-on-so-you-don't-get-trampled-and-subsequently-killed-during-rush-hour bars (seriously, that's what they are called, translated from Italian, patented in Italy where the Metro cars are made). (Of course I did what I'm surprised other people didn't do... I blatantly whipped out my camera phone, snapped a pic and tried to muffle my laughter). I doubt those bars are made to support a 200+ lb guy doing push ups. Plus, didn't you just leave the gym?!? Maybe not. Maybe he just wanted to LOOK like it... And the Metro is really his poor-man's gym...? I got off at the next station, Friendship Heights, so I don't know if he also did shuttle runs or sit ups, but I wouldn't be surprised. I see it, you see it.
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