Monday, October 26, 2009

From the archives...

Tonight, I was looking for a post on dating, judgment scales and criteria and how being a member of one of the "higher sets" might not really be better. It sounds stupid or complicated, but I've been tumbling the idea around for awhile and really wanted to get something out, "on paper," to help solidify the idea a bit. It's probably something sociologists have considered and tested (observed), but I like to think I come up with new, brilliant ideas. I know I started drafting the post somewhere (probably on my cell phone, because I can't find it anywhere else. Since I delete everything on my phone periodically, it's probably gone forever until I resurrect it... from scratch. Awesome.). Anyway, while I was looking around, I realized that I have 38 unpublished drafts for this blog. I might publish a few. I'm debating not even editing them and publishing them unfinished. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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