Friday, January 2, 2009

Being Blair on NYE

I just have to get something out that I've been pondering today...

If you're on the Metro on New Years Eve and you're wearing a black satin headband with feathers and a guy comes up to you and says "I'm sorry I've been staring at you, but I have to tell you, I really like your headband," is he:

A) Gay? He didn't have that flamboyant gayness about him, but do straight guys really notice and even more curiously LIKE dazzling bedecked headbands?

B) Hitting on me? If so, a headband is a bold thing to pick to compliment. Why not "I like your... (hmm, well, let's see, I was wearing my peacoat, so all that was visible were my dark trouser jeans, cute patent leather ruffled t-straps that were unfortunately mostly covered by said trouser jeans, and gloves - carrying a Trader Joe's bag overflowing with chips, dip, and Tanqueray. Oh, I had my black leather and suede with gold embellishment clutch that I got from that hidden-away thrift store at the train station in Prague!) bag." Is complimenting a girl on her bag in an attempt to hit on her more gay sounding then saying you like a headband? Perhaps because most girls carry bags. A normal straight guy probably wouldn't notice one bag from another as being anything more than a bag. Saying you like a girl's particular bag is, possibly, in some ways saying that you notice that most girls carry bags, notice the details of these bags, and that her bag of the day is comparatively better. Yeah, that's kinda stereotypically gay, non? Headbands, on the other hand, are not worn by everyone. Black satin headbands with feathers that can't help but stand out on someone with long, blonde hair, definitely not. But then, we are back where we started.

I overanalyze. I love it. Big things are coming in 2009 that may be putting my overanalysis to excellent use... stay tuned!

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Tanya said...

He was hitting on you, totally. I know this because I asked my straight single guy friends. They told me that the guy probably wanted to start a convo with you and the headband was the thing that really stood out without being too personal like a body part. Put it in the "compliments from a stranger" category and enjoy!