Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snuggie or Slanket?

People who have lived with me or know me well enough to hang out with me in relaxed situations at home (as opposed to, say, house party/dinner party/getting ready to go out/etc. situations) know that I am a die-hard blanket fan. I like to wrap a blanket around me and go about my home life wrapped in it like some kind of deranged patient in a psychiatric ward with attachment and/or regression issues. This is a year-round thing. That's right, even in the summer I'm a blanket fan. I tend to favor fleece blankets, but I also like my down Laura Ashley one and this felt-ish quilt one my parents have. I'm not sure if my blanket adoration is some kind of weird carryover comfort thing from childhood, or what. I'm guessing it's not because blankets weren't even a huge part of my childhood. Sure, when I was young I had a blankie, but I outgrew it in favor of Minnie Mouse by the time I was, like, five. I think I just like being snuggly.

That said, one can only imagine my excitement when DCist featured a piece on blankets with arms!!! Marketed as either the Snuggie ($19.95) or Slanket ($44.95), my first thought was "Why didn't I think of that?!" My second thought was "I need it." They are kinda (okay, REALLY) gimmicky, but so perfect for me considering my blanket lounging habits and preferences. Now I have to decide which one I want, and what color. I'm leading towards the Slanket. Yeah, it's twice as expensive, but it looks more (dare I say it?) "snuggie" than the Snuggie. Plus, the guy lounging in the burnt orange colored one (which does not seem to be available anymore) looks like John Krasinski, so +1, Slanket.


Libby said...

i dunno sarah... i have to say i think they look kinda creepy and not a little cultish... please at least promise not to wear it out of the house to sporting events, as pictured in the snuggie video.

jeff said...


i agree. it does look more snuggie. also, from a marketing perspective, the slanket site doesn't hit me over the head with audio and flashing images.

i'll hold off on getting one until i can have it customized. a white one with a blown up photo of sarah, to go along with all my other "so, sarah says..." stalker memorabilia.