Thursday, December 18, 2008

Did WMATA get, like, a terrorist threat today?

This picture was taken on the DC Metro's red line going from Metro Center towards Shady Grove at approximately 5:15pm today (Thursday, December 18). What the heck?! I know people have been disenchanted with Metro delays recently, especially on the red line, but I have never, ever seen the Metro this empty during RUSH HOUR. What's going on?! Usually I have to stand, jostle, and jockey for position during my entire commute home. All my stuff and I are currently sprawled across two seats. Granted, I usually don't leave work until 5:30, but does 15-30 minutes really make this much of a difference on a normal day? Seriously... I can't get over how Twilight-zone this feels. Was there a terrorist threat today or something?? Maybe by some one who is bitter about WMATA's whole anti-Google transport in the DC area thing...
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