Friday, July 20, 2007

Leigh Lezark

I'm fascinated by this girl. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe because she's the same age as me, yet is a veritable New York celebutante that hosts cool parties which cater to celebrities and other "people of standing" with her two friends every weekend (see: the MisShapes). Maybe it's her perfect skin, jet black hair, orangey-red lips, and ice blue eyes (Gawker has dubbed her "Princess Coldstare"). Dang, she's just so cool. Like Snow White come to life in ultra-cool DJing scenester form. She kinda makes me want to dye my hair jet black and shield myself from the sun for the rest of my life... perhaps even going to the extreme of using a rain umbrella (rain umbrella is specified, as opposed to a parasol, which is actually made to be used in sunny conditions) to shield myself from the ever-beating sun - asian style.

Also, her lip gloss is cool, her lip gloss is poppin'. (See picture on the right)

This post was utterly pointless, but I'm bored and it's been awhile.


Anonymous said...

Imma get my hair dyed my color plus imma get contacts to. I would want them gold but i dont think they'd have gold contacts. The only reason i'd want gold is becuz i want to have the same eyes as Edward Cullen in Twilight.I'm such a fan. *laughs*

Anonymous said...

oops my mistake i meant to put "that" between dyed and color *sheepishly smiles*