Friday, July 20, 2007

Choose your own adventure

I realized I haven't posted anything new in over a month. I was bored and this is a boring, poorly written entry, but oh well.

I think Choose Your Own Adventure (herein referred to as CYOA - because that's what people in "the know" call it) books/stories are RAD. I'm sure I'm thinking about this because I'm approaching a "life crossroad" and making a big adventure choice soon (relatively unimportant to this fluff entry). Anyway, I've always been fascinated by the imaginary possibility that you can go back change the choices you make throughout life if you find yourself riddled with discontent (or, if you're about to get killed - "Damn, maybe going into the lions den to fight the evil Mondor wasn't a good idea... back to page 28!" or "Shit, stepping in front of a bus, jokingly recreating that scene from Stranger Than Fiction, is about to result in imminent death... back to page 4!"). Like, I wonder what my life would have been like if I had gone to a different college? Sometimes I wish I could find out. Or, if I hadn't gone into the lion's den to fight the evil Mondor.

I think if I were granted a superhero power I would strongly consider becoming CYOAgirl. This would be cool because then I could go back and maybe choose to also be Invisigirl or something cause, hey, I'm CYOAgirl and, damnit, I choose what I want.

This past semester, I had a discussion on the merits about CYOA pre-final exam (when I should have been last minute cramming, apparently, because I got a B+ instead of any sort of A...) in one of my philosophy classes. This computer science kid and I were thinking about a CYOA philosophy paper. Wouldn't that be cool?! There could be options such as "If you choose to believe in God as an omni-being, go to page 2," "If you choose to believe in God as a metaphysical but not omni-anything being, go to page 3," "If you choose to be agnostic, page 4," "... atheist, page 5..." etc. It could also include choice such as "If you believe the world exists only in as far as you can perceive it, page 6..." We thought it would be cool, anyway. The philosophical possibilities of a CYOA book are practically endless. It would rival a Homer epic.

Maybe I'll write one someday, but not anytime soon, because right now I find myself unable to focus on writing long enough to even write compelling blog entries anymore, much less epic CYOAs. Ugh.

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