Saturday, August 29, 2009

False Advertising

Washington Sports Club, why do you have a Metro Ad with a middle aged man in a wearing a wetsuit, holding a surfboard, accompanied by text that reads "exercising slows signs of aging." Last I checked, you can't surf at WSC. Pretty sure you don't even have pools. Why don't you show someone on a treadmill? You're probably doing a better job tempting people to use potential membership money to buy a beach pass. Just sayin'.

Sorry folks, no picture. Ill work on it.
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Dave Stroup said...

to be fair they do have a pool at columbia heights.

Sarah said...

when I read your comment, my first thought was "little victories" (won't win the war). My second thought was "Who's Dave Stroup?" Then I realized your write for Why.I.Hate.DC! I feel like I just received a celebrity comment! Haters in DC, unite!