Sunday, July 5, 2009

National Lampoon's Hawaiian Vacation

My family and I are currently spending about two weeks in Hawaii on vacation.

Walking back to our place after the 4th of July Ana Moana fireworks, my mom trips over someone's cane...

Laura (sister): "Mom, did you trip over that guy's cane?"
Suze (mom): "It was an accident! People need to watch where they put them in crowds!"
Jenna (sister): "Mom, he's blind."

The "cane" my mom tripped over was one of those blind people's walking sticks.

I die.

In other news, kinda over Michael Jackson 24/7. Kinda really over it. There was one of those Native American bands (the kind that are inexplicably prevalent in cities all over Europe) and they were playing Thriller on, like, a digeridoo. That's a digeridon't in my book. Ugh.
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