Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ousted By Technology!!

Sometimes technology is awesome. Sometimes, it'll get you in trouble. Case in point:

Yesterday I took my parents to look at my new house and meet the realtor. Before we left the house, we were trying to decide who would drive. It was quickly decided that I would because I knew the way, even though my car is pretty tiny and not really ideal for transporting three adults. I also agreed to drive because I needed gas and knew chances were "very likely" to "guaranteed" that my parents would pay for the tank if they were in the car when I got it. (ULTERIOR MOTIVE.)

Well, in assesment of both party's initial assumptions, I was right and my parents were wrong. I was right in that my parents did pay to fill up my tank (yay!), but they were wrong in that I knew how to get to my house. When I had visited before I just plugged in the Garmin and hit the road, paying little attention to street names and directions. Instead of getting hopelessly lost, I decided to do the same thing yesterday.

Apparently the Garmin has features I didn't know about. You can press a button and it will display your average and maximum speed, direction, etc. etc. My dad knew about these features. Upon pressing the button, the conversation in the car went something like this:

Me: "Oh, wow, that's cool."

Dad: "Sarah, your max speed is 85 miles per hour!"

Me: "Oh, hmm, well at least it's the max speed and not the average speed, right?"

Dad: "There is not one single road around here where the speed limit is faster than 65. I don't want you getting a ticket!"

Me: "... But aren't you impressed my car can even go that fast?!"

Dad: "..."

Note to self: Learn how to reset the Garmin, just in case. Stop pretending the beltway is an autobahn. :)

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jeff said...

oh snap!

wait...that's three snaps...the minimum required for triangulating your position.

hey, how'd your race go?