Monday, November 19, 2007

Stop! Wikitime!

* Wikitimesuck (n):
The [often shocking, to the experiencee] period of time during which an individual spends surfing Wikipedia, following a linked term from one entry to another until they realize that a surprising and generally shocking amount of time has passed.

* Wikontinuum (n): The unique spacial and logical spectrum a wikitimesuck follows. Affected by factors such as motivation, boredom, interest, and need.

I am a Wikipedia abuser. I know enough not to cite Wikipedia for papers, etc, but I love reading about random things. Last night was particularly bad. I spent nearly four hours reading about:

Etiquette in the United States and Canada --> Etiquette in Europe --> The United States Flag --> The T-V distinction --> Pluralis majestatis --> Leibniz --> Game theory --> (distracted) --> Lily Allen --> Morcheeba.

There has got to be some sort of help group for this, slightly intellectualized, time wasting.


jeff said...

haha...i love that you ended up with morcheba.

my mind wanders when i'm out on long runs. it's fun to realize i'm on a bizarre topic and try to figure out how i got there. very wiki like.

Sarah said...

Mine too!! But sometimes it flits around so much and I will think of a thought fleetingly and realize a minute too late that I want to pursue it and then I can't quite grasp it again in it's entirety. It's gone! I'm like "No, wait! Come back!"